It has been six weeks now since BamBam left us.  I am not very good at coping with loss, still feel tears well up in my eyes.  He is such  a sweet gentle loving soul.  It was very difficult to know when to let him go while he was suffering.  Finally made an appointment with the vet as he was definitely not doing very well.  This little brave man held up till the very last moment, and then passed away in the car while being cuddled by someone who loves him lots.

The mind said it is better for him not to suffer any more but still miss him terribly.  The house appears so much quieter because he is not around, not that he is a noisy dog, contrary.  Often forget that he is no longer here, picking up four lots of treats instead of three and still waiting for him to appear.  While walking the dogs, it is like I left him behind.  And wonder if dog walkers, who had met us before, notice that he is no longer here.  Could not really stop to say he is gone without tearing.  Often cutting the dog treats, miss his little head popping between my legs giving me a peek-a-boo.  Miss the sight of him always sitting out on the lawn.  He is the only dog that keeps very still balancing a gravy bone on his snout and on release flicks it in the air and catches it in his mouth.  But looking at the recent photos and videos of him suffering, it is definitely better that he had left when he did.

I had condolences from people.  But interestingly, my niece who out of the blue just stumbled upon the image below felt that BamBam wants her to assure me that he is fine now.  The image of the maltese sure do look like BamBam.  I am glad that he is all good and happy now in Doggie Heaven.


BamBam always love been outside in the garden.

And now, ten minutes after this photo, he is now forever resting in the garden, no longer suffering, and always near us.

Beloved BamBam


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