CarvingJoy at Sainsbury’s

Hello, I’ll be there tomorrow 09 Dec at Sainsbury’s, Witan Gate, Milton Keynes from 10am – 3pm.  Hope to see you there!

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CarvingJoy in CHAT Magazine

Carving Joy featured in CHAT JUMBO Issue 50/51.

And I’ve created another Snowman for you out of Honeydew Melon.

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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

…. had a bright and shiny nose!

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Christmas Carvings Book

As Christmas is here soon, I’ve decided to put together some carvings for the season – a time of Joy, time for Love and Sharing!  

Contact CarvingJoy to purchase – £3.00 each.

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Cards for Sale – Christmas or Any occasion

Food Carving Cards for any occasion.  Blank inside so you can personalise your message.  Contact CarvingJoy to purchase the below.  £2.50 each.

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of a very dear one is always difficult to bear.  I found the 3 poems below which are helpful.

Don’t cry for me
I’m not gone.
My soul is at rest
my heart lives on.
Light a candle
for me to see
and hold on
to my memory
but save your tears
for I’m still here
by your side
through the years.
those we love
don’t go away
they walk
beside us
every day
unseen, unheard
but always near
still loved
still missed
and very dear.
Think of me and know I am with you
Think of me and smile
Think of me and know that our parting
it’s only for awhile
On the days that you feel so desperate
To see my smiling face
Just believe in your heart I am with you
And that I’m in a beautiful place
So think of me and remember
All the memories in your heart
And believe and know that this is true
Then we are never really apart.


Mum has just passed away over two weeks ago.  We feel the sadness, our heavy hearts and yet we are glad she no longer need to suffer anymore.  At the end of the funeral, I made her ‘Happy Fruits’ in celebration that she has gone to a better happy place and share them out.  She always love my creations anyway and they always make her happy.

Dearest Mum, She is beautiful, intelligent, kind, generous, caring and forgiving.  She brings the family together.  She has a great sense of humour.  She has a can-do attitude, yet so modest.  Says she can’t do it and yet she does!  No one realises what she has learnt and picked up without having to go to school, classes or courses.  She knows Teochew, Hokkien, Cantonese, Mandarin, Malay, Japanese and English.  She even uses the tablet I got her!  Never too old to learn.  We need to take her as an inspiration, never too old or whatever to learn, just do it!

She is a great cook, everyone enjoys her dishes.  She knows which dishes each of us fancy, how spicy or not.  Steamed fish for brother, Fried fish for sister, Fried vermicelli for sister-in-law, Very spicy foods for grand-daughter, Not spicy foods for another grand-daughter, chillied crabs for my children, fishballs for great grandchildren and many others including myself.

She is a fighter, never giving up, not on life, not on anyone.  She suffered the  loss of our dad and two brothers and yet she holds the BIG FAMILY of children, grandchildren, great grandchildren together.  She keeps in touch with all her children and knows the going-ons of the other generations, the joys and the pain.  I am far away from them and yet I am updated.  I know who is unwell, in hospital, got a new job, having a baby, baby turned one, baby teething ….  Family is important.

WE ALL LOVE HER.  Our Mum, Grandma, Great-Grandma. We will always cherish her. XXXXX



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Dental Works Fruit Bowl

created by CarvingJoy for Shaz at Dental Works, Milton Keynes.

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